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Toronto BodyTalk Client Testimonials

Digestive Health
"Today is exactly 3 weeks since our last visit and I am so excited to report that everything has been excellent in the digestive area!! I am continuing with the raw food and I know it is helping, but the immediate results came after our last session, within a couple days the symptoms subsided and they have not returned!! :)"  ~ Sophie R., Kinesiologist

Performance Sessions
"Hi Linda a belated thanks for your magic.  I'm in Banff and it's amazing so far.  I was so nervous leading up but once i landed I had such a calm, focused energy.  I know that's you!!  thank you thank you thank you." ~ D.P. Actor

Intuition & Healing
"Her intuitive strength matched with an open heart and a curious mind make Linda an amazing certified BodyTalk practitioner. She puts you at ease right away and comes up with the most interesting questions and comments from talking with your body! Linda's suggestions after the sessions are always things I can do and down deep want to do. I highly recommend seeing Linda if anything is "off" in your body."~ Michaela Otto, Shamanic Coach & Practitioner, Founder of Ancestor Speaking

"Linda is one of those rare, gifted people blessed with a strong natural intuitive ability to help and heal people. Linda’s, what I would call 'Spidy sense', was able to see children in my future when I did not even know or suspect I was pregnant at the time.
Despite the complexities of energetic healing practices, Linda is also able to ground and explain concepts in a practical, useful way. She is a straightforward person who is generous with her time and knowledge." ~ Kelly R. Mother

Pain Relief & Emotional Release

" I just wanted to tell you how great it was to see you yesterday after such a long time. I also wanted to let you know that I woke up and I was able to breathe and didn't have that straight jacket tightness and pain to the degree that I've been having it. As a result I feel today so much better - more energy, more positive attitude. I cherish such moments and so I wanted to thank you so much!!! I also wanted to let you know that I turned on the radio earlier today and was able to dance my heart out. A lot of sadness came out and I cried but it was also tears of joy that my body was MOVING!!! What a feeling. I had an amazing myofascial stretching afterwards and a peaceful meditation. Feel renewed. Just wanted to thank you again. It is thanks to your session yesterday that I've been given this gift of feeling good today and I cherish it. I am sending you a big hug of gratitude!!!!  ~ Silvi Tradici, Occupational Therapist

Overall Balance & Wellbeing
"I love what materializes each session with BodyTalk. I find Linda’s high sense of intuition and awareness easily connects with what my body needs to tell her. I always leave feeling more at peace as well as learning something new about how I then connect with the environment. What I’ve really enjoy are Linda’s mind development meditation techniques, which I can go into any time of day and new techniques that I can practice on my own to keep me more in balance. Thank you!" ~ Ronda Feldman, Owner, hairEnder

"Just wanted to let you know that today is a very GOOD day! I did my cortices this morning - no headache. And my energy level is good. Here's to more good days & more Bodytalk!" ~ A.A., Administrator

Allergies & Creativity
"I see Linda for Body Talk Sessions to restore optimal health and increase creativity. It’s absolutely the most efficient course of treatment for any illness. By facilitating communication between the brain and the different parts of the body, the body can then heal itself very quickly. I think Linda brings something extra to Body Talk as she is highly intuitive and has an extensive background in energy work. She even cleared the unresolved emotional blockages that were causing my dairy allergy! I am a firm believer in the power of Body Talk. Call Linda and give it a try. You have nothing to lose but your ailments!" ~ A.G., Author

"I really can't thank you enough... After clearing my allergies... I feel amazing!!!!! Ahhhhhh." - Janet Segeren Lopes, Director, Leadership Development Strategy

Focus & Increased Energy
"I have found BodyTalk amazing. I truly feel I am being healed from the inside out. After my last session, I found I had more energy. I also felt more balanced and co-ordinated. It felt like the communication between different parts of my body was more effective and smoother. I slept better and, during the day, I was more focused! Thank you. Good news about the work you are doing with animals!" ~ Blessings, Mary R. Reiki Master

"I came to Linda initially because I was having dizzy spells that were getting in the way of work (waitressing) and that nobody could diagnose. I was panicking because waitressing is how a make a living and at that point a friend suggested to see Linda. I was skeptical but I needed a solution and decided I had nothing to loose at that point.
After two sessions my dizzy spells completely disappeared and I was able to work normally again! 
I am definitely curious about body talk now and want to do some research on it!  I don’t know how it works but the sessions with Linda did and have continued to make a positive difference in my life in a very powerful (and fast!) way. For anyone with an issue that no one seems to be able to diagnose or anyone looking for more balance in their life, I recommend her 100%!"
~ Lina Quesada, Singer, Songwriter, Musician