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Member, International BodyTalk Associaion

Vice-Chair, Ontario BodyTalk Associaion

About Linda 
"Linda is one of those rare, gifted people blessed with a strong natural intuitive ability to help and heal people. Despite the complexities of energetic healing practices, Linda is also able to ground and explain concepts in a practical, useful way. She is a straightforward person who is generous with her time and knowledge." ~ K.R.

Linda has a passion for her work and a deep commitment to the health of her clients. As the founder of The Toronto BodyTalk, she runs a full-time practice specializing in BodyTalk. In 2012, Linda co-founded the Toronto BodyTalk Community Clinic, a student clinic offering mentoring to students of BodyTalk working towards their certification. 

Linda also runs online Group BodyTalk Sessions each month, and has recently introduced Group Business Sessions specifically to assist other health practitioners grow their businesses.  

Linda is the first and only Advanced Certified & PaRama BodyTalk practitioner in Toronto. 

Linda discovered the BodyTalk System in 2004 while battling health challenges that mainstream medicine could not help with. As BodyTalk offered her a unique and powerful way of getting to the root of her problems, Linda became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2004, and has continued her studies with BodyTalk, completing her Advanced BodyTalk Certification and PaRama BodyTalk. 

Linda’s wealth of interests and love of people keeps her active within the community. She has served as an educator, speaker, facilitator, and director for many community and charitable organizations. She engages and inspires others to develop their talents and passion in all areas of health, creativity, and spirituality.

Linda currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Ontario BodyTalk Association. 

AdvCBP, CBP, ParamaBP

Linda Marlene Eales