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First Session Begins Thursday, July 13th @ 7 pm EST

                                                                                        My Chakra Story

     When I was first introduced to BodyTalk in 2004, I was also practicing regular chakra meditation. This combination led to an awakening of the Kundalini energy at the base of my spine and an opening of my chakras. It was like a brilliant light and energy that moved me to open my mind and heart. My intuition blossomed and creativity flowed through me. I began singing and writing music, and the tone of my voice changed, becoming more powerful and resonant. Physical pain and symptoms also began to fall away and I was filled with vibrant energy that lasted for months.
     It was during this time that I also chose to change careers and become a BodyTalk practitioner, and in practice I began to feel, hear and move emotions and energetic blocks in clients through my hands. About a year later, I had another 'awakening', and have had several since. During these times, I began to glimpse what I believe the Gurus refer to as bliss consciousness, as I felt so deeply connected to everyone and everything that it was like I was in the ocean. These were experiences of pure love and joy and deep healing.
     For me, the chakras are not something to intellectualize but to experience. I feel BodyTalk is an excellent tool for helping to bring increased balance and flow through this system, so I invite you to join me next Thursday, July 13th fpr this journey of consciousness through the 7 Chakras.
With love and peace,

Linda Marlene Eales Adv. CBP, ParBP

Toronto BodyTalk


"I just did the session and it was amazing!! I forgot just how strongly things can come up just prior to sessions and I have been feeling rough for the past few days and then it all made a lot more sense as I joined in with the session and I felt so much shift. When you said at the start to choose a couple of areas of focus everything that came to mind as I tried to narrow it down actually came up during the session with exact words and themes. I'm so happy that I could join in with the group! " ~ Sarah Lowes

What Are Group BodyTalk Sessions?

Group sessions are a powerful way to receive BodyTalk sessions. When each participant focusing on the same theme, this amplifies the power of transformational shifts, helping you to increase your emotional awareness and balance in everyday life. 

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