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The Chakras - Awakening Your Spiritual Potential

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Online BodyTalk Group Session Series of 7
The Chakras - Awakening Your Spiritual Potential

First Session: Thursday, July  13th, 7 pm EST

Kundalini & The Root Chakra

​Our Foundations


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  • Sexual Chakra : July 20th
  • Power Chakra: July 27th
  • Heart Chakra: Aug 3rd

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Personalized Chakra BodyTalk Session

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      In this Group Session series, our focus is on the seven main Chakras, each representing a phase in our development and the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects they influence. We will explore their emotional qualities, healthy and limited expressions and balance the energy of each.
     During each session, we will highlight a Chakra and it's qualities, seeking to bring deepened clarity and enhance the transformative abilities within our body-mind-soul. 

~ Linda Marlene Eales, Adv CBP, ParBP

   Toronto BodyTalk

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  • Throat Chakra: Aug 10th 
  • Third Eye Chakra: Aug 17th
  • Spiritual Chakra: Aug 24th 

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