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Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, nor is it intended to replace recommendations or treatment by your healthcare provider. BodyTalk is not a substitute for emergency medical care. In the event of an emergency, seek the help of a medical professional or nearby medical facility.  

What does BodyTalk Address? 

Digestive Health
"Today is exactly 3 weeks since our last visit and I am so excited to report that everything has been excellent in the digestive area!! I am continuing with the raw food and I know it is helping, but the immediate results came after our last session, within a couple days the symptoms subsided and they have not returned!! :)"  

~ Sophie R., Kinesiologist

Allergies, Toxins, Viruses, Parasites

Anxiety & Stress

Digestive Disorders

Emotional issues

Environmental issues  

General Health & Wellness

High blood pressure

Hormonal imbalances

Immune disorders

Menstrual problems

Mood disorders

Muscle tension

Pain syndromes

Performance in athletics, public speaking, exams & academics, the arts
Pre and Post Surgery to support healing process

Relationship issues

Spiritual Growth
Stress and anxiety

Children's health - including allergies, asthma. behavioral problems & learning and attention deficit

The "Evaluation of BodyTalk, a novel mind-body medicine" chronic pain research study by Laura L. Stuve, PhD, Honghu Liu, PhD, Janet Galipo, MA, DOM. et al, was published April 2015 in the "Yearbook of Pain Management 2014". 

" There have been attempts to establish a Quantum Medicine, but it was not until BodyTalk that the discoveries in Quantum physics became part of the daily reality of many healthcare practitioners and their patients. "  

– James Oschman, PhD, author of

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

​​​BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare designed by your body 

​What is Whole Healthcare?

It is about balancing you as a whole-person.

There are a variety of reasons for our health challenges.  By working with you as a whole-person that is influenced by emotional, physical, and environmental factors, the root causes of disease can be addressed. Every choice, every trauma, every experience in your life has contributed to your current state of health. The symptoms you experience, your laugh lines and scars all have a unique story. In BodyTalk, we listen to your health story, and enhance communication so that your body is better able to heal.  

BodyTalk is Mind-Body Medicine 
BodyTalk blends the ancient Chinese and Vedic medicinal traditions with the latest advances in Western medicine and quantum physics. 

BodyTalk is safe - It uses no needles, no invasive procedures, and is drug-free.

The latest research study in BodyTalk published in the Journal of Pain Management shows that BodyTalk can reduce chronic pain and the emotional imbalance associated with chronic pain. For more on this research paper, please visit this page. 

How Does BodyTalk Work? 
BodyTalk reestablishes the lines of communication throughout your body using neuro-muscular biofeedback, also known as muscle testing, light hand contact and gentle tapping techniques. This stimulates subtle electrical currents in the body, to enhance communication and help the body to heal itself. BodyTalk uses various techniques to help reset the nervous system from a state of stress into the parasympathetic, or healing state.